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About Us

The Zimin Institute for AI Solutions in Healthcare was launched June 2022 as a joint-initiative between the Zimin Foundation and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology through its Tech.AI.BioMed arm.

Organization Philosophy and Goals:
Our mission is to better healthcare through development and application of machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. We see room for such solutions at all levels of the healthcare and life sciences sectors from development of precision medicine diagnostics and AI-based technologies that enhance therapeutic discovery, to altering clinical routine and patient management in hospitals, HMOs and at home treatment.

We strongly believe that transformative impact occurs when innovation rubs against the real-world. These interactions ensure that the innovative solution is fine tuned by real-world problems, and is developed with foresight on how the innovation can best make an impact that will truly transform the real-world. As such, the Zimin Institute seeks to support needs based innovation development in academia and guide its towards commercialization.

Zimin Foundation

The Zimin Foundation is a non-for-profit organization established by the Zimin Family with the aim to support education and science.

Dr. Dmitry Borisovich Zimin (1933-2021) was the Founder and Honorary President of Vimpelcom (currently VEON group), the first Russian company listed on the NYSE through IPO. Today, Dr. Zimin’s commitment to philanthropy is shared by his son, Boris Zimin who is actively involved in the family’s philanthropic activities.

Historically the Zimin Family focused its philanthropic activities on Russia. In recent years, the foundation’s philanthropic activities have been extended to additional countries including the United States and Israel.

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Institute Director

Prof. Shai Shen-Orr

Prof. Shai Shen-Orr Shai is a Professor at the Technion’s Faculty of Medicine, working in the fields of Computational Biology, Systems Immunology & Precision Medicine. He has been developing machine learning approaches to study the drivers of immune variation, particularly in the context of aging, and to further Immune-based Precision Medicine.
Beyond the Zimin Institute, Shai is co-director of Tech.AI, the Technion’s center for AI and heads its biomedical vertical Tech.AI.BioMed. He is the founder and Chief Scientist of CytoReason, a PharmaAI company developing a machine learning model of human disease aimed at closing the data-insight gap in drug development.

Executive Oversight Board

Mark Shmulevich

Tech executive | Zimin Foundation Representative

Noam Ziv

Professor | Faculty of Medicine and Head of Technion Human Health Initiative.

Rona Samler

General Manager of Technion Technology Transfer (T3)

Lior Gepstein

Director of Cardiology and Head Research Unit | Rambam Health Care Campus.

Shai Shen-Orr

Professor, Faculty of Medicine | Co-Director Tech.AI | Chief Scientist, CytoReason

Renana Sabi

Executive Director

Scientific Advisory Board

Oren Caspi

Head of Rambam's Cardiovascular Research and Innovation Center.

Shie Mannor

Prof. Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering | Co-Director Tech.AI.

Shai Shen-Orr

Professor, Faculty of Medicine | Co-Director Tech.AI | Chief Scientist, CytoReason

Amnon Bar Lev

Co-Founder & CEO at Alike.Health - The Wisdom of Healthcare

Call for Proposals

We are pleased to launch the 1st round of the Zimin Institute for AI Solutions in Healthcare. The scope of this call will center around medical informatics and AI-based diagnostics.

Grants shall be up to 100K for one year. Submission deadline is Nov. 7th.

For full proposal information click here

Awarded Projects

Harnessing AI to predict omics signature out of histological data to improve biopsy-based diagnostics and prognosis

Yoni Savir

Professor, Dept. of Physiology, Biophysics and Systems Biology
Technion-Israel Institute of Technology

AI-based optical DNA mapping for fast pathogen

Prof. Yoav Shechtman

Associate Prof. Biomedical Engineering Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

A novel AI framework for cancer phenotyping and treatment planning

Prof. Ron Kimmel

Professor, Department of Computer Science, Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

Testing at the bedside our personalized recommendation system for treating hospitalized heart failure patients with acute kidney injury

Dr. Oren Caspi

Head of Rambam's Cardiovascular Research and Innovation Center.

Dr. Danny Eytan

Asst. Professor, Pediatric Critical Care Unit at Rambam

Dr. Uri Shalit

Asst. Professor, Faculty of Data and Decision Science